Photo Crop (Visa/Memes) - Andela Media

Most headshots require to be cropped according to various visa specifications. Photos which we uploaded here allow the flexibility to be resized according to the country one is travelling to. We have added a link to an online resizing web application to make it easier to crop images (other than visa reasons also).

Photo resizer icon

How to crop your images

  • Download the image you require from the Headshot Archives.
  • Open the Web Photo Resizer website and upload the resquired image.
  • To crop the image, check the box next to the padlock first and set the image size as follows: US VIsa = 120 x 120; Schengen Visa = 82.8 x 106.2
  • Adjust the corners of the crop marks to ensure the crop fits the face and portions of your shoulders.
  • Under new size, enter 120.

  • Photo resizer icon
  • Click on apply changes to generate the passport photo. Scroll down to see the various quality options. Use the image which has a file size of approximately 250kb.

  • For any issues or queries, reach out to @opiyo via Slack.